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School Board

Parkers Prairie District #547 Board of Education

Front row, left to right – Nancy Euteneuer, Judy Moeller - Clerk, Christy Hart - Treasurer Back row, left to right – Steve Inwards – Chairperson, Scott Wagner, Brad Ost, Dustin Schilling – Vice Chairperson

Parkers Prairie School Board
Steve Inwards, Chair, 2026 - [email protected]
Dustin Schilling, Vice Chair, 2024 - [email protected]
Judy Moeller, Clerk, 2026 - [email protected]
Christy Hart, Treasurer, 2026 - [email protected]
Brad Ost, 2026 - [email protected]
Scott Wagner, Director, 2024 - [email protected]
Nancy Euteneuer, 2024 - [email protected]

Board Meetings Schedule
The Board meets year-round on the second Monday or Tuesday of each month at 6:30.

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Meeting Minutes are published monthly in the Parkers Prairie Independent, LLC and the original copy is located in the district office.

2024 Committee Assignments
Community Education: Moeller, Euteneuer, Hart
Facilities: Schilling, Wagner, Ost
Finance: Hart, Inwards, Schilling
Negotiations: Inwards, Hart, Schilling
Policy: Euteneuer, Wagner, Ost
Teaching & Learning: Wagner, Moeller, Euteneuer

2024 Board Representative
LCSC: Moeller
MSBA: Legislative Liason Inwards
MSHSL: Liaison Ost
Otter: Tail County Collaborative Moeller
RAED: Moeller
SEAC: Moeller

Board Meetings 2024

School Board Minutes


Board Meetings 2023

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2023 2024-03-11-Minutes 2024-03-04 Special Meeting Minutes 2024-02-12 Minutes 2024-1-8-Minutes 2023-12- 18 Minutes 2023-11-27 Minutes 2023-10-23 Minutes 2023-09-25 Minutes 2023-08-28 Minutes…

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Board Meetings 2022

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2022 2022-12-22 Meeting Minutes 2022-11-17 Meeting Minutes 2022-10-27 Special Meeting Minutes 2022-10-13 Minutes 2022-09-08 Minutes 2022-08-23 Special Mtg-Call General Election,…

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Board Meetings 2021

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2021 2021-12-09 Meeting Minutes 2021-11-09 Meeting Minutes 2021-10-14 Meeting Minutes 2021-09-22 Spec Mtg Covid Mitigation 2021-08-12 Meeting Minutes 2021-07-08 Meeting…

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Board Meetings 2020

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Board Meetings 2019

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2019 2019-11-27 Spec Mtg Prom-Bldg

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Community Education Opportunities
Area Adult Basic Education Information
Adult Basic Ed

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