Superintendent Myers

mega myers family

It is with genuine honor to be the next Superintendent at Parkers Prairie School District. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate and build strong relationships with the exceptional students, dedicated staff, supportive families, and the entire Parkers Prairie community. I am committed to the advancement of Parkers Prairie School District, and I eagerly look…

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2023/2024 Test Dates for High School

2023/2024 Test Dates for High School ASVAB October 12, 2023 ACT March 26, 2024 (Cost to Student) MCA Testing Grades 7/8/10 Reading: March 25-28 Grades 7/8/11 Math: April 2-5 Grades 8/10 Science: April 22-25

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Board Meetings 2023

2023 2024-03-11-Minutes 2024-03-04 Special Meeting Minutes 2024-02-12 Minutes 2024-1-8-Minutes 2023-12- 18 Minutes 2023-11-27 Minutes 2023-10-23 Minutes 2023-09-25 Minutes 2023-08-28 Minutes 2023-07-24 Minutes 2023-07-17 Special Meeting 2023-06-26 Minutes 2023-05-22 Minutes 2023-05-11 Special Meeting, PCCC Close 2023-05-08 Emergency Meeting, Childcare Center 2023-04-24 Minutes 2023-03-27 Minutes 2023-02-27 Minutes 2023-02-13 Special Meeting, Supt Interviews 2023-02-09 Special Meeting, Supt Interviews…

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Board Meetings 2022

2022 2022-12-22 Meeting Minutes 2022-11-17 Meeting Minutes 2022-10-27 Special Meeting Minutes 2022-10-13 Minutes 2022-09-08 Minutes 2022-08-23 Special Mtg-Call General Election, Approve Levy Question 2022-08-11 Minutes 2022-08-10 Special Meeting Minutes, Supt interviews 2022-08-04 Special Meeting Minutes 2022-07-23 Special meeting minutes 2022-07-14 Minutes 2022-06-27 Special meeting minutes 2022-06-16 Minutes 2022-05-12 Minutes 2022-04-07 Minutes 2022-03-10 Minutes 2022-02-15 Meeting…

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Board Meetings 2021

2021 2021-12-09 Meeting Minutes 2021-11-09 Meeting Minutes 2021-10-14 Meeting Minutes 2021-09-22 Spec Mtg Covid Mitigation 2021-08-12 Meeting Minutes 2021-07-08 Meeting Minutes 2021-06-28 Spec Mtg Summer Maint 2021-05-24 Spec Mtg-Sch.Soc. Worker 2021-04-08 Meeting Minutes 2021-03-11 Meeting Minutes 2021-02-11 Meeting Minutes 2021-01-14 Meeting Minutes

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Board Meetings 2020

2020 2020-12-10 Meeting Minutes 2020-10-08 Meeting Minutes 2020-08-13 Meeting Minutes 2020-07-09 Meeting Minutes 2020-05-14 Meeting Minutes 2020-03-12 Meeting Minutes 2020-01-09 Meeting Minutes

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Seeking a 1.0 FTE Long-Term Sub School Social Worker

SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER- 1.0 FTE (LTS), PARKERS PRAIRIE Parkers Prairie School District is seeking a 1.0 FTE Long-Term Sub school social worker, beginning on or around January 24, 2023, and working through the remainder of the school year. The social worker will serve students in grades 7-12. Working closely with administration, general and special education…

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Order Your Yearbook


Order your PPHS Yearbook now at Cost is $ 40.00 Personalization’s are extra. The 2023 Senior Class is paying for all seniors, (if all fees are paid) that are enrolled at PPHS, but personalization’s are extra. Submit a separate check for those personalization’s to PPHS. After January 06, 2023, the yearbook will go up…

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Help our students build their skills – Become a Tutor!


Parkers Prairie Elementary is looking for 3 tutors for the 2022-23 school year. You can take action in our community by giving your time and talent to help students build their skills and confidence! Tutors work with students during school hours throughout the school year. No matter if you’re a recent grad, career changer, stay-at-home…

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